Deformed Concrete Iron Size 25 mm

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30 Mar 2022
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Specification of Deformed Concrete Iron Size 25 mm

Deformed rebar. Cast iron has protrusions like fins along its surface, so it has a high bonding power with cast concrete. The shape of these fins is different for each manufacturer. This rebar is only sold in large volumes by distributors to contractors. Cast iron is less flexible and difficult to bend, making it difficult to install. The minimum compressive resistance of screwed concrete iron is 400 Mpa.

Usually, concrete iron has a standard length of 12 meters. The diameter of concrete rebar that is commonly used is 8 mm and 10 mm. However, what happened in the field, the existing concrete iron has a cross section that is slightly smaller than what is shown in the marking writing on the concrete iron surface. If it is still within the tolerance limit of 0.1 mm, then the concrete iron still falls into the SNI standard.

The number of uses and the diameter of the concrete iron are directly proportional to the dimensions of the concrete castings. This is standardized in SNI 2052: 2014 concerning Concrete Reinforcement Steel used in concrete construction. The larger the dimensions of the concrete construction, the greater the diameter and amount of steel used.

Unfortunately this was not followed by the contractors. Rebar that is not up to standard is often used in order to save money, reduce costs for greater profits. The size of the concrete iron that does not comply with this standard is known as sissy iron. Sissy iron has a smaller size than the established SNI quality standard.

Maybe when the building was finished, nothing seemed to have happened. But after walking for a while or getting a big load, then cracks and damage to the concrete construction structure appear. This can endanger the occupants or users of the building, because a building collapse (construction disaster) can occur at any time.


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