steel wire screen steel size 30x30

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Specification of steel wire screen steel size 30x30

Steel Screen or Steel Wire size 30x30 with a wire diameter of 2 mm

steel screens are used for various industrial needs, such as for construction, for windows, cages, stone crusher screens, fences, drying racks, filters, sieves and are used for other purposes even for vehicle modification.

The material uses a steel wire with a diameter of 2 mm which is woven to form a perpendicular line with the weaving following the general pattern.

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Steel wire is another name for wire rope which means it is a collection of thin steel wires (wire) which is twisted into a single unit called a strand, which is collected several strands and then twisted on the core as the core of the wire rope / steel wire. Steel wire was first invented by German mining engineer Wilhelm Albert around 1831 to 1834 for use in the mining industry in the Harz mountains in Clausthal, Lower Saxony, Germany. After the advent of steel wire, many people began to look at the use of steel wire to facilitate their performance in their respective industries.

The function and use of steel wire was initially only in a small proportion of industries engaged in heavy equipment, because steel wire can help ease the work of people who work in fields related to heavy equipment. Willhelm Albert's first steel wire consisted of three strands consisting of four wires each. In 1840, Scotsman Robert Stirling Newall refined the process further. Whereas in America, steel wire was produced by John A. Roebling, who he started in 1841 and started his success in building suspension bridges.

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