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Specification of Gabion wire 2x1x0.5

Gabion wire is steel / galvanized wire arranged or woven, usually in the form of a box with a hexagon hole, the gabion wire serves as a binder or reinforcement of a pile of stones.

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In the world of architecture and construction, there is a term, namely gabions. Gabion or commonly known as gabion is a basic construction for a building or embankment. In the riverside area, you will often find it. It could even be that the house you live in today uses gabions.

Gabions are woven steel wire coated with zinc or galvanized. This woven steel wire forms a box or beam. The inside is filled with large stones to prevent erosion. Usually installed in cliff areas or river banks that are undergoing normalization work and to overcome scour due to river currents. Because the strength of this steel wire is quite high, it requires engine power to weave and shape it.

This steel wire woven is made with a double twisting technique that forms hexagon-shaped holes. This webbing is tied tightly between the sides so that it doesn't break down easily. This woven bond makes the gabions able to hold the soil so that landslides or erosion do not occur. The wire used is made of galvanized steel so that the wire does not rust easily.

Among the functions of the gabions are protecting and strengthening the soil structure around the cliffs so that landslides, river banks and embankments do not occur. Gabions can also be used as dam formers to increase the volume of river water.

The riverbanks may experience erosion due to the continuous swift currents of the river. Here, gabions will function as guardians of the riverbank area from the river flow so that the riverbanks will not be easily destroyed.

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